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    Vae Solis Corporate is a specialist of image and reputation management.

    We perform our missions either through anticipative communication or active communication.

    Anticipative communication consists in defining and crafting your strategy, your procedures and communication operations with all necessary support to ensure its greatest efficiency. This covers mainly diagnosis, training, positioning and messaging.

    Active communication consists in valuing, protecting and ensuring dialogue with your stakeholders, using all key techniques and services. This mainly covers media relations, public affairs and crisis communication.

    Our missions

    Expertises and services


    • Digital communication
    • Financial communication and investors
    • Internal communication
    • Judicial Communication
    • Public and territorial communication
    • Social communication
    • Societal communication (CSR)


    • Benchmark
    • Communication plan
    • Crisis management procedure
    • Crisis simulation
    • Editorial platform
    • Graphic identity/logo
    • Image audit
    • Media analysis
    • Media plan
    • Media training
    • Monitoring
    • Monitoring of legislative and governmental works
    • Networking plan
    • Operational experience feedback
    • Press office
    • Quantitative and qualitative studies
    • Risk mapping
    • Stakeholders’ maps

    Digital communication

    Acting both as an accelerator and a source of new risks and being a great interaction tool for companies or organizations, social networks are at the very heart of image or reputation management which is why they are fully considered in the way we drive our missions.

    Financial communication and investors

    Creating the narrative to raise funds or battling on your side during a public-bid or M&A, Vae Solis Corporate sets up the best suited communication schemes to convince financial media, analysts and investors.

    Internal communication

    From the promotion of their history to change management support, we help our clients federate and gather their employees in order to reinforce internal cohesion as well as to improve employees’ adherence to the company’s project.

    Judicial Communication

    During legal proceedings (civil, criminal or administrative), or before regulatory authorities, Vae Solis Corporate consultants (magistrate on leave, former lawyer, etc.) help you define and implement a communication strategy in respect with the judicial strategy put in place by your lawyers.

    Public and territorial communication

    Assisting an administration or an institution in explaining public policies, helping local communities to develop territorial attractiveness, etc. we support decisions makers in dealing with their communication challenges.

    Social communication

    Solving a social conflict, guiding you through structural and internal changes (restructuring, relocation, etc.), our team assists companies through the hardest times of their internal lives.

    Societal communication (CSR)

    More and more companies are scrutinized through their economic, social, and environmental footprints. Thus, we help them launching and structuring their corporate social responsibility policy as well as entering into a constructive dialogue with their key stakeholders.


    To help you face a complex and competitive environment, we carry operational comparative studies to offer you the most specific and distinctive communication positioning and actions.

    Communication plan

    Vae Solis Corporate defines communication plans (internal and external) and supports your teams in their operational implementation.

    Crisis management procedure

    Our consultants help managers from all sized enterprises in drafting crisis procedures adapted not only to their internal cultures but also to the risks they are exposed to.

    Crisis simulation

    Vae Solis Corporate consultants conceive and implement crisis simulation exercises that are as close as possible to reality in order to test and improve the existing procedures, but mainly to help teams to progress.

    Editorial platform

    Key messages, talking points, position paper, we define and formulate the contents that will feed speeches, dialogues, media presence and communication supports in all circumstances.

    Graphic identity/logo

    To change a graphic identity or to create a new visual environment, Vae Solis corporate works with the best creative talents to translate graphically our strategic recommendations for brands and identities positioning.

    Image audit

    Interviews, focus groups, benchmark, quantitative and qualitative analysis, we set up all the necessary tools and studies to deliver a comprehensive assessment and a fine analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of companies’ image.

    Media analysis

    Reviewing your media coverage is the first step to an optimized media presence. Vae Solis Corporate completes quantitative and qualitative analysis of articles and reports to highlight areas for improvement and to show topics to be leveraged.

    Media plan

    Vae Solis Corporate is able to punctually develop space advertising purchase for its clients: from the identification of relevant supports to the conception of adverts, and ensuring links with the production networks.

    Media training

    Should it be to introduce a new corporate strategy or to give answers during a crisis, we train executives for public speaking in order to help them gain in confidence and efficiency during their media interviews.


    From traditional media to social networks as well as the decision-making sphere, Vae Solis Corporate ensures a continuous monitoring of the topics and issues that matter to you.

    Monitoring of legislative and governmental works

    From European directives to national implementing decrees, a thorough monitoring of your legislative and regulatory issues is a pillar to an efficient dialogue with legislators and public authorities. Our team makes sure the monitoring is as close as possible to the public decisions, in order to give you the right information at the right time.

    Networking plan

    Vae Solis Corporate assists its clients in structuring and organizing meetings with their key opinion partners, to ensure a rich and effective exchange of ideas.

    Operational experience feedback

    This feedback is a major element for the sharing and improvement of practices. After every crisis or simulation exercise, Vae Solis Corporate delivers a complete and concise document drawing the lines for progress and proposing corrective actions.

    Press office

    Whether in a crisis situation or on a daily basis, Vae Solis Corporate puts at clients’ disposal its know-how and its team in order to create a press office dedicated to their news coverage as well as to the management of press relations.

    Quantitative and qualitative studies

    Setting-up a poll or testing a concept or a project among a focus group, Vae Solis Corporate helps its clients collecting points of views, expectations from targeted audiences but also analyzing the public opinion’s trends.

    Risk mapping

    Vae Solis Corporate helps companies to assess their risks in order to better handle them. Probability, significance, etc. we evaluate minor and major risks impacts for the organization in order to anticipate and optimize their management.

    Stakeholders’ maps

    Vae Solis Corporate identifies and assesses privileged contacts to shape efficient power maps, which are a key to ensure a structured dialogue with stakeholders.