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    Training and Coaching

    Executives are constantly facing transformations that challenge their vision and leadership: sector developments, legislative evolution, financial, social or sanitary crisis, new activities, media environment change, etc. In order to help them in this shifting environment, our team offers a comprehensive training program.

    Through our consultant’s solid experience with diverse backgrounds and expertise (journalist, lawyer, judge, political collaborator) Vae Solis Corporate offers to its clients the opportunity to acquire new skills or to review a practice. More than 600 hours of training are displayed each year.

    A certified firm

    Vae Solis Corporate is certified as a training organization.

    Among the years, Vae Solis Corporate consultants have assisted executives from a large-diversity of entities (corporate, associations, professional federations, ministers, and public entities) in defining their visions and strategies, in managing sensitive situations or crisis, in preparing public interventions, interviews and meetings with their stakeholders. Throughout training sessions that combine both theory and immediate practice, we offer to share our experience and know-how.

    A tailor-made assistance

    Vae Solis Corporate trainings are harbored thanks to our strong expertise and experiences besides companies and institutions, in order to be as close as possible to our clients’ culture and objectives.

    Offered trainings:

    • Public speaking
    • Media training
    • Constrained communication
    • Dialectic and negotiation in professional environment
    • Judicial communication and police custody
    • Public affairs
    • Press relations
    • Crisis management
    • Digital communication

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