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    Study and Diagnosis

    Only an objective and dynamic vision of communication components allows an accurate positioning for organizations (on a market, on a topic, confronted to a given situation) and thus meaningful messages.


    Positioning yourself to better grow

    We develop a very concrete approach since it is immediately translated into developments and operational strategies. How are the organization and its leaders perceived by their audiences? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What image aspects need to be strengthened or corrected? What should be remembered in priority? Are the means of communication put in place relevant to the strategic objectives? How to optimize and/or correct a misperception? How to improve confidence or a relationship with a particular audience?


    Ad-hoc studies and methodologies

    To define effective communication strategies, our teams conduct various studies and analysis: media panorama, sector analysis, quantitative and qualitative perception studies, one-to-one interviews, focus groups, trademark value measure, “SWOT” analysis, assessment available communication tools and organization, etc.

    They lead to a synthesis “Results and prospects”, with recommendations for change and action plan attached.

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