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    Today, risks are less and less accepted by the public opinion. Anticipating and preventing crises are thus at the core of executives’ preoccupations. Understanding all risks generated by their activities, identifying public opinion trends and sensitive topics ahead of time, and instilling and embedding a culture of risk management are the cornerstone on which depend cohesion, reputation, and also sometimes the survival of the company.

    Vae Solis Corporate assists institutions and companies in risks prevention and management by auditing risks, monitoring sensitive topics, and also drafting crisis management procedures. Beyond the capacity to “mitigate” crisis impact, our objective is to help our clients in identifying internal weaknesses in order to strengthen the whole organization.

    A holistic and operational approach

    With a pragmatic approach, our consultants develop complete risk-prevention and crisis management programs based on best practices we experienced, and always in respect with our clients’ usual practices and internal culture.

    These processes are conceived to respond to the diverse identified risks and situations our clients are confronted with: alerting procedures and tools, crisis management, casualty management, handling the media, etc. We identify their partners, we advise them in the composition of their crisis cell as well as in the nomination of their spokespersons, who we train.

    Regular trainings to be ready when the time comes

    Crisis training on a regular basis is essential both for internal risk-culture emergence (the best way to avoid crisis), right reflexes acquisition and fast and efficient reactions when the time comes. Our team creates crisis simulation exercises developed in order to be as close as possible to reality so that executives and their teams can be trained to handle the crisis operationally as well as to communicate in the most transparent and efficient ways.

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