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    Dialogue with stakeholders

    In a hyper-connected era, targeting the right contacts among stakeholders and accurately addressing them with respect to their motivations and interests are critical challenges for companies and institutions. To value new projects and/or developments of an organization (implementations, restructuring, etc.) or the launch of new products, ideas and concepts, means entering in an adapted dialogue with this particular audience and driving a constructive link with the public opinion.

    Moreover, we are aware that companies and institutions need to be able to share the ideas, suggestions, hopes and interrogations of their shareholders (clients, civil society, academics, think tanks and partners) in order to create new opportunities and enhance their communication.

    Crafting mutual confidence to generate new opportunities

    Vae Solis Corporate assists its clients to create an efficient and shared dialogue with their stakeholders. This means leveraging multiple channels of communication to testify about their experiences, bring forward their arguments, address opposite views with conviction and authenticity, build new networks of allies etc.

    Promoting agreement, encouraging commitment, finding common grounds, we provide adapted tools (platform of exchange, public meetings, calls for inputs, etc.) in order to create dialogue, resolve conflicts and develop new ideas and collaborations.

    We benefit from years of experience in assisting our clients in building-up solid relations that foster long-term partnerships with academic institutions, associations, and economic, intellectual and artistic communities.

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