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    Crisis communication

    All institutions and companies have to face a major crisis at one time or another. In a world where media, social networks or blogs are pervasive, and where clients, users, partners, regulators or public opinion are more than ever demanding, our consultants help executives and organizations protect their most valuable assets: their reputation and the confidence of their stakeholders.

    Vae Solis Corporate consultants have advised management teams during major health crises, high media visibility trials, social conflicts, product recalls, etc.

    Standing by your side when the crisis reaches its peak

    We support our clients when the crisis is in full swing, when every second matters. Through our on-call crisis number, we are ready to intervene 24/7, 365 days a year.

    An experimented team can be set up immediately to provide strategic advice and operational support to clients‘ crisis cell. Once the diagnosis and the response strategy have been defined, we can lay down key messages (statements, press releases, on-line messages for websites and social networks), support communication and engage dialogue with all the stakeholders of the crisis: internal, clients/users, NGO, residents, partners, policymakers and politicians, media, etc.

    Our consultants train spokespeople and executives for public interventions in high stakes environments: press conferences, television appearances, public meetings, parliamentary hearings, general assemblies, etc.

    A dedicated Press Office, call centers (toll free…) can be activated and managed by our team from the very first hours of the crisis.

    Supporting you in the post-crisis recovery

    Because any crisis leaves marks on the image but also in the life of organizations, consultants at Vae Solis Corporate support their clients to restore their image. Beyond the necessary operational experience feedback (improving internal procedures), the impact on the image is to be measured and a recovery strategy has to be implemented to restore reputation and confidence.

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